HELP provides services that promote self-improvement for the whole person.

We take a holistic approach to individual enhancement, as there are often numerous factors that serve as barriers and hinder individual achievement.

HELP’s services are offered to both Christians and non-Christians.  The spiritual services are provided to individuals seeking spiritual awareness and personal spiritual growth. The computer training classes are offered to individuals with little exposure or experience with using computers and individuals seeking to enhance their software skills for employment or personal purposes. The occupational readiness and educational divisions target individuals who need assistance obtaining employment or admissions to educational institutions. The counseling services are offered to individuals needing spiritual and emotional support. The medical, legal, and financial programs are provided to populations who generally lack access to these types of information and services.

Please note: Some of our services are currently being developed with hopes of implementation this year.

Freda Wilson

Welcome to our web site and thank you for visiting.
It is the goal of HELP Inc. to become an invaluable resource for those seeking a faith-based focus to their lives.  Within the pages of this site, there is content for biblical instruction, spiritual encouragement and inspiration, self-improvement resources, news and information, live Christian chat/blog and all things HELP-related.  We encourage you to revisit these pages, as they will change often, as we are a dynamic resource available to meet your needs.
Please check back here frequently for any announcement, news and information on all HELP events and services throughout the year.  In addition there will be useful content from various credentialed professionals such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, realtors, and other business professionals, that will be posted on a regular basis, which will be found within the Services Section of each area of interest.  HELP Inc. is striving to be your “ONE STOP SHOP” for meaningful information to aid in your personal holistic development within a grounded Christian foundation.
In keeping with our goal to be the place you can return again and again for guidance and focus in your life.  We welcome and are delighted to hear your feedback and suggestions on providing any services or content you do not find here.
May God keep you and bless you,